Nova Scotia Residential Tenancies Act proposer changes

Changes proposed to rules governing residential rental properties

‘That is going to make everybody’s life easier,’ says community legal worker

Jean Laroche – CBC News

September 18, 2018

Service Nova Scotia Minister Geoff MacLellan introduced a series of proposed amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act on Tuesday. (Tom Ayers/CBC)

People who rent in Nova Scotia would no longer need a landlord’s permission to change a lease from year-to-year to month-to-month according to law amendments proposed on Tuesday.

Under the same proposed changes, landlords would no longer be forced to keep furniture or other belongings left behind by renters as long as they do currently.

Service Nova Scotia Minister Geoff MacLellan introduced about a dozen amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act.

Other changes include:

• better definition of family members, one-month’s notice, and how to count days when notices must be served.

• spelling out when a landlord can show a rental unit to prospective tenants.

• giving a landlord the power to give notice that a lease is being terminated because the landlord is selling the property to someone who wants to live there.

• allowing documents to be emailed rather than hand delivered or sent by registered mail.

• automatically terminating a lease the month after a tenant dies.

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